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Alhambra OHV GXV140 - General Garden

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  • Alhambra OHV GXV140 - General Garden

    Hello Forum Macchine,

    I am from Wales, and say Hi to everyone.

    I am looking for some information about an Alhambra OHV GXV140 which i have bought, I would like to ask kindly if anyone here who has any Alhambra machine if they can take a photo of the underside of their Alhambra to show the pulley/ belt configuration as i need to fix a few things. I will be very happy if anyone can help me.


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    Hello, I sell and service these machines, I know them well enough, if you want to explain your problem, so that I can help. I have no photo but I remember how I made ​​the alhambra


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      Hi MaxB, Thanks for offering help. Here are photographs of underside of my alhambra The machine looks a bit rusty but it just needs cleaning up, and is in overall good condition.

      The previous owner says he had possibly installed the wrong belt, the belt installed is a 42inch belt and seems to fit OK, but according to current model belt should be a GATES 6846 belt(part no. F06173) - 46inch. The small tension pulley is also worn and i have ordered this part.

      Can you remember the size of the belt on Alhambra models with 4 pulleys on underside?. On the left of this image is my belt/pulley configuration

      Has the small tension pulley size changed in the newer models?

      There is parts lists available here and the machines have the name unicut quattro, unicut ms65 etc.



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        ok, the right belt is GATES 6472. your machine was only produced in 1998, unfortunately we do not know the dimensions of the pulleys because that version was only produced for export. I suggest you double check the tension pulley because I seem damaged. the general garden no longer exists. alhambra machines are manufactured and sold by the company Blue Bird Industries of Vicenza, Italy.


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          Wow, MaxB you are Alhambra expert AAA :-), I am grateful for the help.

          You are right the pulley is damaged and I will not test the machine until it is fixed. I have ordered a replacement (Part No. F06218) but maybe it won't work properly because of different belt widths, the currently manufactured tension pulley still uses a 6200RS bearing like the old machines so it will fit the shaft like the old pulley, I need to check how much wider the newer pulley can be for it to work properly to allow fitting of circlip on shaft.

          Pictures of pulley here,

          MaxB, if there is any information you can think of, anything would be of interest.



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            Ok, the pulley parts are still made ​​that way. The bearing is a closed from both sides, with metal closures, not rubber. Many people, when they not find the parts are built "home-self" pulley, using the lathe. If you have difficulty finding spare parts in the UK I suggest you write to the factory which now produces the machine.


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              Thank you MaxB, i have contacted bluebirdindustries previously and they did try and help by giving me parts list diagram for the current machines, most of the parts on new alhambra's are still the same but the pulley belt etc has changed.

              You have helped a lot MaxB with infomation, and i will get the machine up and running. If you ever get an alhambra in to service i would still like to see the underside configuration, maybe you could take a photo if you have time.

              Many Thanks


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                Hi All and MaxB,

                I have now got the Alhambra working(will post photos on flickr soon), cleaned and repainted. I got the new idler pulley F06218 and it is a flat idler without flanges and is 50mm wide by 17mm height. While I was waiting for the delivery of parts I found a company in the UK(Versatile Marine Services) to make a copy of old Idler Pulley, this is the idler pulley installed on the machine. I have not tried the F06218 pulley yet as the machine works ok with the copied original pulley.

                I tried the belt Gates 6742 and found that the belt was too loose and came off the pulley's when belt tension was released.

                I then bought a SPZ 1060 belt and it seems to work ok with this belt. I notice on partslist at that there was 2 different belts F06173 and F06219, anyone know what type of belt F06219 was?.

                The belt i installed does seem to be wearing quickly, maybe because of roughness on outside of pulleys.



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         uploaded a couple of images here

                  Also the part F06219 is not the correct belt for this alhambra. :-)


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                    just few day i will answer you...


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                      Buongiorno MaxB
                      Sono CarloB, residente a Milano e con un podere in Toscana. Ho una vecchia Alhambra che ha bisogno di manutenzione e volevo sapere se lei ha ricambi per questa macchina.
                      In particolare ho rotto l'assale che regge il taburo rotante a causa della deformazione di una lama che si e' incastrata. Posso forse ribattere e rimettere in forma il tamburo ma devo cambiare l'assale.
                      Il mio modello e' Alhambra OHV con motorizzazione Honda GXV140 5.0 non ho idea precisa della data di produzione.
                      Grazie se potra' darmi qualche informazione o un esploso della macchina.
                      CarloB - Milano - Toscana


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