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How much do you know about the Sand Machinery?

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  • How much do you know about the Sand Machinery?

    The construction industry is an important material production sector of the national economy, and it has a close relationship with the development of the entire country's economy and the improvement of people's lives. In recent years, China's economic growth has been showing a rapid growth trend, which also indicates that the construction industry has a broader market. However, the development of the construction industry has a problem that cannot be ignored, that is, construction sand. The traditional natural sand supply has been exhausted, can the sand made by stone breaking equipment be used in construction?
    The machines that break stones into the sand are sand machinery, including fixed and mobile types of machines. The mobile ones are equipped in a mobile crusher to move flexibly on the mobile rack, that is to say, the configuration of the main crusher of the mobile sand making machine is flexible and can be arbitrarily matched according to the user requirements. Both two types of sand machines can crush stones into sand, but they are put into production in different ways. The fixed foundation needs to be established. According to the production line process, the sand making machine is fixedly installed, and the mobile sand making machine can be directly driven to the crushing site for crushing operation.

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