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    Buongiorno a tutti ho un carrello Mitsubishi FB18N EFB15
    che all'accensione da un codice guasto 47 qualcuno può darmi qualche indicazione, credo sia un problema sul sollevamento.

    Grazie in anticipo

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    Problem: Pump Motor Open (Transistor Control Type Only) (47)
    (1) Situation
    Display: "47". All truck operations inhibited. Line contactor OPEN and steering contactor HOLD.
    (2) Possible cause
    Faulty contact or wire breakage of pump motor cable, faulty pump motor, faulty contact or wire breakage of pump
    inverter connector, faulty contact of DSP flat cable in pump inverter, wire breakage of main harness, faulty power
    supply card of logic unit, faulty DSP card of pump inverter, faulty pump inverter, when restarting after motor shorted.
    (3) How the error code is triggered
    Motor voltage is abnormal when power is turned on.
    Current does not flow when rotational speed instruction is requested.
    (4) Checks
    Disconnect battery plug, then perform inverter discharging work. See page 1-45.
    (5) Check pump inverter and motor for cable looseness and
    improper contact.
    (6) Disconnect pump motor cables from inverter.
    Measure resistance of motor cables (U, V and W phases).
    Less than 1
    1 or more (7) Secure cable if loose.
    (8) Check connector P2 of pump inverter for looseness.
    Abnormal (9) Measure resistance between terminals of both cable
    ends (between U and U, V and V, and W and W).
    Less than 1
    1 or more
    (10) Disconnect connector P2 of pump
    inverter and remove DSP cover.
    Check DSP flat cable for looseness
    or wire breakage.
    (11) Connect connector securely.
    (12) Replace pump motor.
    (13) Replace motor cables.
    Gate power
    (15) Secure DSP flat cable if loose.
    Replace inverter if wire breaks. See page 1-46.
    (14) Check continuity between P8-5(45) and P2-16(45A).
    Check continuity between P8-6(44) and P2-20(44B).
    No continuity
    (16) Disconnect connector P3 of logic unit.
    Check continuity between P3-5(92A) and P2-3(92).
    Check continuity between P3-6(93A) and P2-4(93).
    Check continuity between P2-14 and P2-15(73).
    No continuity
    (17) Connect connector P8 to logic unit, then turn on
    power again.
    (18) Repair or replace harness.
    (19) Measure voltage between P2-16(45A) and P2-20(44B).
    Confirm value is 12V 1V.
    (20) Disconnect battery plug, then perform inverter discharging work. See page 1-45.
    (21) Replace DSP card of pump inverter. See page 1-48.
    (22) Replace power supply card of logic unit.
    See page 1-52.
    If fault remains
    (23) Perform inverter discharging work, then replace
    pump inverter. (DSP card is normal.) See page 1-46.


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